15 months


SC Cool Motion's Quicket Pillowtalk's Pik Ass Kingman of Midnight Coony, CZ GIC Adventhill Andover

CH *N Hone Hill's You can't macht it Naomi

Pillowtalk's Xazita Faricoon ????
Pillowtalk's Endless Love
Pillowtalk's Desibel Cool Motion's Hitchcock Eldan's Antonio
Timberhills Chelsea
Enya of Baydar CH Amercian Beautys Mephisto of Baydar
Rhapsody in Blue of Baydar
Imagine Silvi Cola *PL IC *FIN Escape's Never Ending EC Koontuck King Arthur-of-Escpe's *FIN

GC Coonyham's Surfer Dude of XTC

Johnsbay Bristol of Koontucky

GIC, WW/02 *FIN Escape's Izabella Coonzales

Ravishing Speedy Coonzales

EC Avicats Astraea Escape's, DM

CH Amarie Silvi-Cola *PL EC Never Mind's Radio Ga-Ga

GIC MtKittery emis, DM

Guldfakse's Dakota

IC *FIN Escape's Hermione

EC Koontucky King Arthur-of-Escape's

EC Avicats Astraea Ecape's, DM



26.05.2012 Felidae e.V. Bad Nenndorf BIV
01.04.2012 Delicat Schönebeck

Best of Breed
nominated for
and won BIS!

28.01.2012 Felidae Hannover


26.11.2011 IRCC e.V. Gifhorn BIV
nominiert for Best in Show
05.11.2011   Hameln nominated for Best in Show