7 months/4,8 kg

4 months

11 weeks

9 weeks

6,5 weeks

5 weeks

20 days

12 days

5 days


Alphacat's Navy Seal


Justcoons Oliver Ohen


Ven's Passion Kaiser Barbarossa

Langstteich's L'Playback

Alwaro Vulcan

Langstteich's DD' Elaine Langstteich's Dream-Dandy

Emy-Shou v. Mönchswalder Berg

JustCoon's Kassio Paya


Cosy Corner Inaki

Knüppelbrinks Domino
Magic Lake Lovestory
Silvi Cola Kalakirya Fin*Escape's Never Ending
Chickabee SilviCola*PL
Belushie's Scout


Velvetjewels Magyk Flyte SGC/RW Coonyham Gold Rush of Velvetjewels SGC Coonyham's Sundance
TGC Coonquest Cimarron of Coonyham
Ch. Mainette Signature of Velvetjewels SGC Oldestage Doc Holiday of Mainette
Mainette Full Force Gale
Moonrakers Ilse CH/RW Mainesuspect Tizian of Tuscaloosa SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister
Mainesuspect Geisha 
Moonrakers Royal Diamond Kathanevas Dartagnan
Lacocoon Wendy of Moonrakers


29.03.2014 HEC e.V. Melsungen Ex 1
25.01.2014 1. DEKZV Berlin Ex 1