Alphacats Blizzard
Langstteich's El Cingaro Langstteich's Talisman Timaracoon´s Pretty-Woman

Langstteich´s O´Rodney

Langstteich's Elektra Emy Shou vom Mönchswalder Berg
Langstteich´s CC.O´Predicat
JustCoon's Crazy Cat Aloa's Nifty Wolf Ch. Allycoon's Bright Star
Mountaineer's Wannaway Jezebel
Langstteich's Greta Garbo Langstteich's Calvin
Utopia of Cooncastle
Iron Hawks Hika Int. Ch. King of Lion`s G`Blue Berry GC MtKittery`s Penobscot

Ch. Advent Hill Blue Martin

Oro Ojos Sunshine Lady

Mainlysilver Echo

Ch. Kamelotkoons the Lion King

Ch. Dynamicats Ocean Breeze

Gr. Int. Ch. Blackberry`s Wapitikua Union Jack`Flash of Wildborn

GC Mtkittery's Penobscot

Mainlysilver Echo

Hrentcats Britt Byron

Union Jack´ Flash of Wildborn

Hrentcats Britt Byron





18.06.2011 BEC e.V. Hamburg nom. Best in Show
04.06.2011 DELICAT e.V. Hildesheim nom. Best in Show
05.09.2010 LIR Celle nom. Best in Show
06.06.2010 LIR e.V. Springe Best in Show
18.04.2010 LIR e.V. Wolfsburg Sonderpreis Farbe
Best in Show (3-6 Monate)