I live with my husband and two daughters in a little village "Grasleben".

In the picture you can see our house.



When I was a little girl I always had cats. Today we have only one domestic cat. Two of our old cats have run away. We don't know what has happend with the cats.

In the picture, you can see our domestic cat "Lieselotte".
Lieselotte had four kittens, a girl and three boys. The three boys were given away to very nice people.


The idea of having a breeding-hobby is a very old wish. The dream came true. But we don't want to fill the animalhomes. So we didn''t want to have domestic cats anymore, the risk was to high. So we got a lot of information about breedcats. We dicided very quickly that we wanted Maine Coons.

Maine Coon cats are very charming. You will love to have one when you see our cats.
Maine Coon cats are a mixture of domestic and wildcats. Their character is very special.